What is Pilates

Pilates if practiced correctly, is DIY PHYSIOTHERAPY. It is exercise with a difference – it is mind and body conditioning as well as stretching and relaxation. It involves enhancing the control and strength of the deep postural muscles, which stabilize the body. When practiced regularly, it works not only the abdominals and back but also the legs, bottom and upper body which helps achieve an improved muscle tone without adding bulk.

Our lifestyles today often mean long periods of sitting down either at desks, in vehicles or slouching in front of the television. These lead to the spine moving out of it’s natural shape and can cause back pain and bad posture.

Pilates can teach you to readjust your spine back to its natural shape and alleviate these common problems.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen and lengthen the body and improve its alignment
  • Aids weight loss and improve muscle tone in the entire body.
  • It teaches good movement, using a well-balanced mind and body workout with appropriate use of the centre/core to help control movements.
  • Improves mobility and flexibility of the spine and joints
  • Less incidence of back and shoulder pain
  • Facilitates injury prevention and physical rehabilitation
  • Highly beneficial in enhancing athletic performance
  • Improves body awareness and balance
  • Boosts energy levels

Body Control Pilates

Body Control Pilates is renowned as a world-leading education provider for Pilates teaching.
Our education curriculum is internationally renowned and our membership body for Body Control Pilates teachers is the largest professional Pilates organisation outside the USA.

Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of exercises for both mat and machine work. They are adapted from the ‘classical’ exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. We believe that many of these classical exercises are often not suitable for the average person and the average body. In order for someone to work safely and effectively and to gain the full benefits of Pilates, these classical exercises should be broken down to establish good movement skills thus building the best possible foundation upon which to progress towards the classical, more advanced work. This is the essence of the Body Control Pilates Method.

Body Control Pilates is remarkably effective – and medically approved. It is of a holistic nature, being based upon a well-constructed philosophical foundation. Central to the Method is ‘awareness of your own body’ and each and every exercise is built around its eight basic principles:

  • Relaxation
  • Co-ordination
  • Alignment
  • Stamina
  • Concentration
  • Centring
  • Breathing
  • Flowing Movements

By working on the deep architectural structure of the body, ‘core stability’ is achieved, and then maintained, through increasingly complex movement sequences. Specific problem-areas can be targeted by an exercise, but always in relation to the rest of one’s body.

Your body awareness is heightened by bringing together mind and body – Body Control Pilates literally teaches you to be in control of your body, allowing you to handle stress more effectively and achieve relaxation more easily.

The Body Control Pilates Method can work for everyone, regardless of fitness level! Exercises can be mat or machine-based, but matwork exercises have a great attraction in that they need no special equipment, and are particularly safe for those with back problems (and don’t forget that 95% of the UK population has, or has had, backache).

You work against your body weight and gravity with or without props that add another dimension to the work out. Its consistent success rate in solving such problems has brought it to the attention of osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and homeopathic doctors, many of whom have either set up Pilates studios as part of their practices or established a close working partnership with their local Body Control Pilates teachers.