Group Matwork

I run small and friendly face to face and online group classes in a safe and nurturing environment to ensure individual feedback and correction. Exercises are tailored to your ability and needs with a progressively challenging lesson plan in place.

Feel comfortable practicing Pilates with other members who have similar goals but achieve them at your own pace. Props and small equipment regularly used to add resistance to your workout and make the classes dynamic.

  • Focus on helping you get fit and flexible regardless of how regular you are with your exercise regime.
  • Work out with like-minded people in the comfort of a welcoming studio spaceĀ  or online enabling you to focus on developing your inner strength and providing a relaxing environment for practicing Pilates.
  • Classes are well structured and organized to maintain the flow and momentum over the block period.
  • A fun way to work out with other people without feeling conscious about ability and performance.

To find out more about my Group Matwork Classes please get in touch.