About Me

Hi I am Shivani- a busy mother of two and an ex city worker. Having worked in the city for 12 years, I fully appreciate the toll an office life takes on your body – the human body is not designed to be sitting for such long periods. When I left my job, I embarked on a strenuous exercise regime to get fitter but ended up with aches and back related problems. A visit to the physiotherapist highlighted that these were the result of having a weak core. Upon her recommendation, I took up Pilates and soon found myself hooked on to it as the results were tangible – increased strength, improved posture and a transformation in my body shape.

I continued with my passion for Pilates by attending regular classes but my understanding of Pilates as a discipline really turned on its head when I started training with Body Control. The Body Control method, in particular their highly renowned Matwork Certification course, was the most effective as it had a greater focus on precision of technique and safe teaching methods. 

Having added the reformer training to my matwork repertoire ( with small equipment) made it more dynamic and varied. It gave me a wider understanding of the myriad benefits of larger equipment based exercises to help in the rehabilitation process.

Over time and particularly in recent years, I have taken a deeper dive in improving my knowledge of WOMEN’S HEALTH – a topic of personal interest to me.  All women will not get pregnant, but all will endure Menopause and its related symptoms. Understanding their debilitating impact on daily life activities has given me an insight into what my clients experience regularly. Pilates based exercises, coupled with strength and resistance training has given me the tools to help them manage and control further degeneration more effectively, which helps enhance the quality of daily life. Having done specific courses to understand more about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction has been extremely valuable to further advise my clients on learning how a conservative exercise based approach practised regularly can make a tangible difference to their bodies, thus minimising the need for either choosing alternative unwelcome treatment options or carrying on with the suffering in silence.

The quality of my life has changed in so many ways since commencing Pilates –both physically and mentally and I am passionate about sharing this wonderful knowledge with others.


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