Success Stories

I am Dinesh…..I have joined Shivani 4 almost 3 months & I can c vast changes n my body, compared to the first class I joined…I really feel great on my energy, feeling more strong,💪🏻Flexible & some positive vibes around me…..I can talk about her 4 hours or days…but than seeing at my reviews want help….everybody should feel it… my point is….please join the studio…..and feel the difference & the miracles happening in your body…..honestly speaking 4 me Shivani is simply superb😊👍🏻

Dinesh Sivanantharaja

I have been doing Shivani’s Pilates classes for the last 6 years . It started with attending the lessons in the studio . I had joined her classes for lower back pain and with in few weeks I noticed my symptoms were better . During the pandemic her on line classes were a blessing and helped me to wind down after a long gruesome NHS shift.

Shivani is a very good teacher and she makes sure that she covers different aspects in her sessions.

She has definitely helped me with my posture and strengthened my core.

It is a shame I am not able to continue but hope to join her in her studio soon

Dr Shruti Goel

Where has Reformer pilates with Shivani been all my life! I’ve been doing these reformer sessions for 2 months now – I’ve finally found an exercise class where the hour whizzes by because I’m having so much fun! Shivani makes me feel so comfortable and really helps me to understand how each exercise is working on my body. The best part is, I feel so good after a session but I don’t need to go home, shower and wash my hair but can just get on with my day.

I’ve done a few pilates sessions before and although I love them, using the machines with pilates adds a lot extra to each session that now I don’t think I’d ever want to go back! Now I’ve tried it I can honestly say it’s worth paying extra for Reformer pilates over normal pilates and the smaller sessions Shivani does means that I feel like I have a personal trainer to guide me and push me to do my best. If you’re considering who to go with, I definitely recommend working with Shivani, she’ll help you age gracefully and have fun at the same time.

Dipali Patel

I managed 3 nights camping and hiking and back perfectly fine. You are an angel with pilates superpowers 😘

Did my blood pressure this pm and come down to 120/70 from 146/88 in week. I think your sessions are good for my mind, body and soul 😘Thank you xx

Rachel Lane

I would recommend Shivani to anyone, especially if they have back issues. I’ve made great progress and can see the improvement in my body.

James Pemberton

If you want a good foundation for pilates, highly recommend “Pilates By Shivani”. Shivani explained each movement, its impact. and importance. Shivani took time to understand my goals and helped focus the pilates session.

Sandeep Patel

I am so glad I found Shivani! I have had multiple prolapse operations and needed to find an alternative. We have been working on core and spine stability/strengthening as well as pelvic floor. I have had one to one sessions for 8 weeks now and have noticed a massive improvement. I am also hypermobile and suffer from neck pain due to constant laptop use and driving. Shivani tailors my sessions and focuses on both issues. I look forward to it every week, do my exercises daily and have joined a group class. So worth it. Thank you x

Rebecca Thorne

Shivani is the best Pilates teacher I’ve had in the 8 years I’ve been doing it. She has a detailed understanding of it & is forever improving her knowledge (& ours) with new techniques / articles / courses.

Dhun Prior

I have been having 1-1 mat/reformer lessons with Shivani for nearly 2 months now. In that very short time I have noticed a large improvement in my posture, flexibility and strength. Shivani is a wonderful tutor, warm, knowledgeable and very patient. She explains the purpose of moves and is always happy to show an alternative move if necessary. Plus she is happy to show me moves/stretches I can do at home. Most importantly Shivani is a thoroughly lovely person who I look forward to working with each week. I would totally recommend her Pilates lessons.

Angela Hodgkinson Yorke

Shivani is a lovely person and really provides in depth knowledge on how to improve overall health and fitness. I have enjoyed my sessions with her and specially how she ensures there is a challenge in our sessions. I can feel improvements in my body post our sessions. This is the first time I have tried Pilates and she definitely has made sure that I end up loving it, especially the reformer sessions.

Neha Yadav Bajaj

I was recommended to see Shivani through a neighbourhood chat by many other people who were praising her. I went to see Shivani and it has made such a big difference to my core strength. She is very professional and is great as a one to one teacher or even as a group. She listens to your needs and helps you to focus on what is helpful to you. I myself would definitely recommend Shivani for strengthening your core and pelvis. You’re doing an amazing job Shivani!

Neelam Roda

Highly recommend Shivani, she’s an extremely knowledgable pilates teacher and her classes take place in a beautiful setting. I’ve only had three sessions so far but have learnt so much and am looking forward to continue and build my strength up!

Natasha Madan

I am thoroughly enjoying my 1:1 sessions with Shivani who is warm and personable. Sessions are fun yet challenging and dynamic. Shivani has exceptional knowledge of the body and mechanics, especially when it comes to women’s health, injury or any other ailments. This knowledge allows her to vary the sessions depending on the goal or challenge.

Mariyam Rawat

I have been going to 1:1 sessions for just over 5 weeks. My aim was to tone, increase strength and generally improve fitness. Shivani really listens first to your needs and starts by applying just the correct level of intensity that doesn’t send you running for the hills. Each exercise is explained and carefully directed now as each class continues you can see the improvement and how you can build on each exercise. I am still a novice but enjoying the journey

Lisa Buxton

I am really enjoying my 1:1 sessions with Shivani she is a great teacher. I have lots of health issues and wanted to build my strength back up. Shivani has really helped me with this. Each session is different every time so you don’t get complacent. I highly recommend Shivani

Vickie Cardno

Shivani’s 1:1 classes are brilliant because they are tailored to my needs and ability. Shivani has a detailed understanding of Pilates which has meant she has been able to explain the exercises and breathing techniques clearly and as a result I have been able to learn quickly. Shivani is flexible when it comes to booking 1:1 classes which has been great as this has meant I have been able to schedule classes around my work and personal diary. I highly recommend Shivani as a Pilates teacher!

Hannah Forde

Following an injury, it was recommended that I do Pilates as part of my recovery plan. I had several one to one online classes with Shivani. I was super impressed as how Shivani was able to observe and correct via zoom. I have more awareness of my posture and everything was well explained. Every class was different and yet targeted. I have now joined the weekly group classes and am enjoying them. I have also had good feedback from my Osteopath on my injury. I would highly recommend Shivani.

Nina Shah

Shivani’s classes are really good, she works hard to vary every one and keep it interesting. It’s about the right level of demanding for beginners and intermediates, and she would take into account if you have an injury or other concern. She also diplomatically makes sure you do things right to make the exercises as effective as possible.
David Altaner

Excellent classes by Shivani. I highly recommend them. She changes the exercises each week and gives a range of options and adapts exercises for this who need. I have a knee problem and her Pilates classes have improved my mobility hugely!

Isabel Murphy

I have been attending Shivani’s Pilates classes for nearly 4 months. The classes are always small which means Shivani can teach very good technique in all the moves. She is excellent at giving a lot of variety and using different equipment to help. Her classes are always fun and informative without being over complicated. The hour goes by too quickly!! I have become stronger, feel more energized and my posture has improved. I highly recommend Shivani’s Pilates.
Roey Jenkins

I love Shivani’s classes – they are very friendly and relaxed. Furthermore – for the first time in my life I actually look forward to an hour of exercise !!

She builds up to the challenging work by warming up the correct areas of your body first – I end up doing things I didn’t think possible with my weak back.

Her classes are also an education ! She explains which area of the body each exercise is working on and what muscles are being used and how. Love it !

Dee Prior

I was suffering from chronic back and hip pain before I joined Shivani’s pilates classes. She helped me to strengthen my core and for the first time in months I was pain free. She is professional and every class has a new challenge . Her exercise plans are suited to everyone ‘s needs and the best part I like about her is her enthusiasm and her lively remarks which keeps me going. I look forward to her classes as they are full of energy and new challenges.

Dr Shruti Goel

The classes are varied each week using a variety of pilates equipment. Shivani manages to make the difficult balance of a professional approach with a friendly atmosphere and tailors the classes to the ability of the students attending, giving individual attention when needed.
Marion Lepard

Shivani is a very caring and dedicated pilates teacher. I have been doing pilates now well over a year and feel much better in my body with her class. She is very engaging and I know I can speak for everyone in her classes that she is an inspiration to us all. I will continue with the classes as long as possible . Thank you so much Shivani. I am glad I found you.
Judi Nyman

Small groups allow for individual treatment so the exercises can be adapted to suit with either an easier or more challenging form.

I always leave the class feeling refreshed and relaxed even though I had a good workout. It’s my favourite way to exercise.

Mawgen Baber

I started pilates with Shivani in January. Carrying my laptop everyday was beginning to take a toll on my back and shoulders. From the first class I felt my muscles loosening up and my posture and core strength getting better. What I love about the classes are the small groups and the individual attention that she provides to each student along with explanations of the exercises. Shivani also has a warm and positive manner that makes the classes very enjoyable but also pushes you to work hard to achieve results.
Pooja Saha

Shivani is a wonderful Pilates teacher. I have had others, but none as knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant as Shivani. The classes move at a good pace and you quickly feel the effects of increased muscle tone and core strength. Previously I had frequent lower back problems but none since doing Pilates. I cannot recommend Shivani as a Pilates teacher more highly.
Juliet Gooden

I’ve being practicing Pilates with Shivani for 3 months now. I started in order to complement and help prevent injury from the strength training and running that I already do. I find Shivani’s session a real challenge as it involves engaging muscles I would not normal use. Great for improving core stability and posture!

I would highly recommend Pilates with Shivani as her instructions are clear and easy to understand.
Contrary to what most believe Pilates is definetly NOT just for girls!

Jamie Grant

Fab lessons with great teaching from Shivani. Thoroughly recommend her pilates classes to anyone. All abilities supported during the lessons and made to feel welcome.
Katy Domm

I have been doing pilates with Shivani since January this year. I definitely feel much stronger and full of energy. It has strengthened my core muscles and I am now able to do more challanging moves. I have more stamina in running cycling and swimming with no muscle aches at all.

It’s great and I feel happy making the right decision and look forward to my lessons every week.

Urja Salota

I did Pilates with shivani for 5wks and I really enjoyed it I found it relaxing but quite challenging at times but shivani made you feel at ease with the positions you have to do in Pilates.i just wish I could of carried on ,as I did feel the benefits.
Kellie Dring

I’ve been going to Shivani’s Pilates class for a few weeks now and have found it to be great this is the first time I’ve done anything like this and was a little nervous at first but now look forward to my weds morning session.
Karen Hamflett

I did sessions with Shivani and I can tell you why you must choose ‘PilatesbyShivani’ and why I would do again.

1. Very involved sessions
2. Even though it was group sessions I did, there was personal attention for every posture and every move.
3. She pushes up the regime or down based on what your body is ready for
4. Most importantly she explains what every exercise does and where it affects.
5. She knows her stuff 🙂
Highly recommend.

Pooja Bhatnagar

I came to practice Pilates with Shivani following physio for a sports injury in October 2017. The benefit of practice has been noticeable in just a few months and helped considerably with recovery. The combination of the exercises and Shivani’s tailored and focussed teaching style is invaluable. Thanks Shivani-really enjoy your classes!

My physiotherapist recommended Pilates to strengthen my core. I am an active person who also regularly did yoga for past few years. I have now stopped yoga as it made my pain worse. Starting Pilate classes with Shivani has been a great start. She understands every student’s strengths and weaknesses and advises each student what exercise is good for their condition. Most importantly she explains what each exercise does and its benefits. Pilates is truly a great way to strengthen your core and really works on your deeper muscles. Shivani is a brilliant Pilate instructor.

Was very nervous about starting pilates but Shivani made me feel very much at ease. I really enjoy my Friday class and look forward to my “me” time at pilates every week. Thanks Shivani!

I started Pilates with Shivani a few months ago after I injured my back .My chiropractor recommended Pilates and Shivani has been excellent ! Pilates is gentle exercise but my word it works and the benefit of Shivani ‘s hands on class is that she makes sure you are doing it right – in the way a home based DVD can’t teach you And the best thing ? She makes it fun! Exercise = fun? I know I thought too , but give it a go , Shivani won’t disappoint .

I began to do Pilates about 10 months ago. I joined Shivani’s classes about 6 months ago. The classes are enjoyable, tiring ! with the exercise routines aimed at you ! almost like one to one sessions. Shivani runs a number of classes during the day & evenings so I am able to fit them in easily. Recently she has started “on-line” booking sessions which is much easier for me.

The Pilates classes for sure have greatly helped with reducing my back pains, toning up my body & body flexibility. I would certainly recommend coming to Shevani’s classes. See you at one of the classes !


I started pilates with Shivani in September 2016. Pilates was recommended as I suffer from Hyper-mobility, and was advised that pilates would be the best for strengthening the core. I have seen a massive improvement in terms of pain and overall strength. I have not only seen an improvement I have also learnt about the body and exercises to target specific areas. Shivani is a great instructor and have no plans on leaving her any time soon.

Before starting Pilates classes, I thought that it is some stretching exercises to help strengthen the spine muscles.. But the classes are helping to all my body and I discovered really great teacher and ladies as well!!!

Shivani has a way of delivering a class that is an extremely good workout as well as fun! She is extra caring about her clients – always asking if we have any problems and if so adapting the exercise to help.I very much look forward to each class!!!!!

Sarune Tamosiunaite

I have been attending Pilates with Shivani since September 2017 and can honestly say it is a highlight of my week. I always look forward to my lesson, and indeed have made it an essential part of my fitness regime. Shivani is always happy to share her knowledge with the class and has given me some exercises that have alleviated minor aches and pains. I am much more aware of my breathing and posture and of course the all important pelvic floor!

The classes are small and Shivani approaches them with kindness and humour.

Joanne Musgrave

Good sessions with interesting information, well planned and varied, individual attention. Also friendly and enjoyable.

Judy Renshaw

Following a knee injury my physio recommended I do Pilates as part of my recovery. I have been having private lessons with Shivani for the past 10 weeks and can see a marked improvement and am feeling stronger. Shivani is an excellent teacher, she explains every move, and pushes you a bit further every time. She has really helped me work on improving my entire body and I am looking forward to joining her regular classes. I highly recommend Pilates by Shivani.
Meera Mistry

Shivani is an amazing Pilates teacher. She Takes her time with us all individually, keeps in touch when we are not in classes and is always giving information to us to help with our mental health as well as our physical health. Definitely recommended 🙂

Emma Weber

I have been taking Pilates classes with Shivani for over 6 months now and I must say the results are amazing. I had a lot of back and feet pain prior to joining the classes, however there’s a lot of improvement now. Her classes are well tailored to everyone’s needs and even though it’s a class, I feel like my boundaries are always considered and carefully managed.

Even in the COVID-19 challenging times, she has been taking regular classes. It’s a really good workout and I feel very relaxed after the classes.

Shivani also makes an effort to engage from a social perspective by organising drinks, dinner etc. to bring everyone together. I would highly recommend Pilates by Shivani, whether you’re a beginner, like me, or an expert!

Ankur Goyal

I was having problems with shoulder mobility, plantar fasciitis” and sciatica. So decided to try Shivani’s Pilates and the best decision I’ve made. “She is very passionate, puts you” through your pace at the same time mindful of the injuries you have and tailors the exercise to suit the individual’s ability and builds upon it. I normally find exercise classes a chore but Shivani’s classes are not a chore they are ADDICTIVE! And it’s helped me with the aches and pains and certainly improved my posture.

Nila Amruth

Shivani’s lessons are engaging and offer a great workout; stretching and releasing muscles that we don’t use when leading sedentary lifestyles. Class sizes are small enough to offer a great degree of personal attention. Shivani is often seen customising the sessions for those who have stiffness in specific parts of their bodies. Shivani’s friendly and flexible approach goes a long way in endearing herself to us clients. I look forward to my weekly sessions and recommend it wholeheartedly.
Laxmi Vikram

Shivani systematically works through the whole body, finding muscles rarely exercised. The best Pilates teacher of the five I have used.

Libby Kemp

I have been attending Pilates classes with Shivani now for a good few years. Thorough teaching with the added benefit of being educated about your body and how best to help maintain it.  I attend 3 Mat classes a week and wouldn’t have it any other way. The mental and physical healing this class provides is worth every penny. I have had the absolute pleasure of booking a duet class that works on the reformer and it was a light bulb moment and I loved it and will now add these classes to my weekly schedule. Shivani I can never say thank you enough. If you are looking for a health kick or even a challenge and don’t know how to get started contact Shivani and you won’t be disappointed. Pilates Rocks!!!!

Chantelle Edmunds