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I Can Help You To

  • Ease aches and pains to help move freely and prevent further degeneration
  • Strengthen the spinal stabilising muscles which impart core stability thus minimising risk of injury
  • Improve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction with targeted exercises
  • Control symptoms of menopause better by incorporating strength and resistance training into your Pilates routine
  • Lengthen, strengthen and improve muscle tone without adding bulk
  • Relax and destress from the daily hectic pace by focusing on mind and body connection
Here is how I can help achieve your goals

1:1 Matwork

These are private lessons offered in the comfort of your home or in the local studio based in Ickenham. In order for me to make an informed assessment, 1:1 sessions are recommended to those new to Pilates and are essential for those recovering from injury or with a pre existing condition prior to joining group matwork classes.

This allows me to understand your goals and devise a suitable lesson plan. It is also an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Pilates, which will aid you once you join group classes.

Group Matwork

I run small and friendly in-person and online group classes in a safe and nurturing environment to ensure individual feedback and correction. Exercises are tailored to your ability and needs with a progressively challenging lesson plan in place.

Feel comfortable practicing Pilates with other members who have similar goals but achieve them at your own pace. Props and small equipment regularly used to add resistance to your workout and make the classes dynamic.

1:1 Reformer

1:1 Reformer sessions are offered from my studio in Ickenham. The Pilates reformer is a more dynamic workout with additional resistance added to exercises via the use of the springs which form part of the machine.

Reformer exercises work muscles through a large range of motions which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well increasing stability through the joints. It offers a full body workout to help improve overall strength and endurance.


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Here is what my clients say
Following an injury, it was recommended that I do Pilates as part of my recovery plan. I had several one to one online classes with Shivani. I was super impressed as how Shivani was able to observe and correct via zoom. I have more awareness of my posture and everything was well explained. Every class was different and yet targeted. I have now joined the weekly group classes and am enjoying them. I have also had good feedback from my Osteopath on my injury. I would highly recommend Shivani.
Nina Shah

I have recently joined Shivani’s Pilates classes and loving them! Her instructions are very clear and she varies the classes each week so they are fun as well as a bit challenging! Even though I have an existing knee condition and cannot do all the exercises, Shivani accommodates this and gives me some alternative exercises when needed. Since the classes, I have noticed an improvement in my knee, hip and general mobility. If you have any injuries/aches or pains or just stiff shoulders and necks from too many hours in front of a computer on zoom meetings, I suggest trying Shivani’s classes as they have helped me enormously – not just my knee but my whole posture. Thank you, Shivani!
Isabel Murphy

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